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Starwood Montessori School

Starwood Montessori School is a full member school of the American Montessori Society. Our dedicated team at Starwood Montessori believes that the key to providing children with a truly exceptional education is to create an organized, attractive environment that allows each child to explore and develop at his or her own pace. Our school seeks to build a community between teachers, parents, and children to ensure that every student has the best possible learning environment. To educate our students and truly prepare them for life, we proudly employ the Montessori Method. This teaching method focuses on children's abilities to absorb information from their environment at different periods, and provides them with the structure, freedom, and spontaneity necessary to foster true growth.

While we pride ourselves on our school's ability to educate our students and nurture their creativity, we believe the most beneficial aspects of a Montessori education are the complete development of each child's thought process, moral growth, social skills, and a love for learning. Our facilities are designed to provide children with a safe environment, and all of our Montessori-certified teachers bring enthusiasm and encouragement to their classes. We offer Toddler and Primary programs, as well as an Elementary program for older children. In addition to traditional subjects, students get to participate in a supplemental curriculum.

We encourage you to browse our site for more information about our programs, educational standards, and dedication to our students and their families. If you would like to discuss how your child could benefit from a Montessori education, we encourage you to contact Starwood Montessori today!

Starwood Montessori
Located at:
6600 Lebanon Road,
Frisco, TX 75034

Phone: (972) 712-8080
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