About Starwood Montessori

All quality schools have one thing in common: parents who get involved and unite with teachers to create the best possible learning environment for their children. Education is a partnership between parents, staff, and children. We seek to create a sense of community with our schools that extends to the entire family. As such, Starwood Montessori School is a learning community not only composed of its staff and the children who attend, but also their families and members of the community as a whole. We strive to emphasize the magic of learning for its own sake, rather than for external rewards or approval.

Education Built to Prepare the Next Generation

Our Montessori-certified teachers approach their classrooms with a gentle enthusiasm, and work together with their assistants to create and maintain a dynamic environment for the development of their students. Parents are encouraged to contribute their talents and experiences through occupational or cultural demonstrations, volunteering in the library, or helping with projects. This hands-on approach is something we have continually recognized as beneficial to helping children learn and stimulate(s) a desire to want to learn.

Our facilities are designed specifically for young children and meet the strictest standards of health and safety. We are equipped with a gymnasium/auditorium to accommodate movement education programs and large group activities. Classrooms are designed to allow for plenty of natural light, and children are allowed to enjoy the outdoors and interact with their environment throughout the day. Our greenhouse and gardening projects encourage children to become responsible for and appreciate the beauty of the world around us.

We believe a Montessori education is truly a preparation for life. We expect our children will come to possess a tremendous amount of knowledge through their experiences here, and be equipped with the tools necessary to succeed in higher education. More importantly, we know that Montessori students gain a sense of personal empowerment, strong work ethic, love of learning, and a sincere respect for humanity and the world we share. In short, they become the kind of people who we trust to lead us into the next generation.

Starwood Montessori
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