Elementary Program

Ages 6-12 years

Designed for ages six through twelve, the Elementary Montessori classroom is a unique and personal educational environment. Children are considered individually according to their needs, and individualized educational plans are formed according to their level of development.

Each curricular area is broken down into sequential lessons that are designed to be self-correcting, build self-reliance, and foster a love of learning.


The math curriculum follows a sequence of materials designed to give visual impressions of our base ten math system, as well as algebraic and geometric concepts. Children advance at their own pace using hands-on materials. Teachers assess the child's progress and administer lessons as the child becomes ready for his or her next step.

Language Arts

Beginning with a history of language and its significance to humankind, the curriculum moves into four major skill areas; grammar, word study, composition, and spelling. All lessons are interwoven and presented through storytelling and manipulatives.


Phonetic-based techniques are used to encourage children to read and write naturally, while mastering comprehension. As with mathematics, each child's reading program is structured to meet his or her individual learning style and level of development.

Cultural Lessons

Cultural lessons presented in the social studies and science areas are designed to promote creative thinking and problem solving. The lessons also aim to lay a strong foundation for cultural awareness, geographical concepts, and complex scientific theory.


Computer technology is integrated into all areas of the curriculum, including the use of telecommunications and the Internet for research and cultural exchange. Each Elementary classroom is additionally equipped with a SMART technology board.

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