Toddler Program

Ages 2-3 years

Our preprimary program is designed to provide a gentle transition for children entering the preschool environment. Through cooperation between parents and teachers, children are allowed to gradually become comfortable with their new surroundings and the concept of being separated from their parents for extended periods of time. The process also serves to build trust between teachers, parents, and their children, fostering the healthy growth and development of their learning environment.

Children in this stage of life are particularly sensitive to language development, sensorial stimuli, and movement. Here they are encouraged to develop physical coordination, enjoy music and rhythm exploration. Working with the children's natural tendencies shows them a respect for their childhood, and encourages them to enjoy learning.

A portion of the indoor environment is set aside for the exploration of Sensorial and Practical Life materials, designed to aid children in developing independence, concentration, coordination, and a sense of order as their mathematical minds begin to take shape in the third year of life. Children's literature is always available for students to enjoy on their own or with their teachers. In addition to having daily access to their own classroom libraries, Toddlers make weekly visits to the school library and participate in interactive library lessons. Oral language development is encouraged through songs, rhymes, and social interaction.

Toddlers may attend two, three, or five mornings or full days.

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