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Return To Campus

Starwood Schools reopened its campuses in Frisco, TX in June and will continue with onsite instruction for the 2020-2021 school year where curious children become engaged learners, confident individuals and prepared achievers who make education their own. The health, safety and well-being of students is our highest priority, and we are excited to move forward — together.

A COVID-19 Ready Campus

  • Social distancing requirements and infection-prevention measures have been implemented
  • Enhanced cleaning protocols throughout each campus
  • Student items are individualized and not shared
  • Montessori classrooms have always been prepared to support individualized learning
  • Defining your workspace, choice within limits and individualized or small group instruction has always been a part of our environment and will continue to be

High-Fidelity Montessori Education

  • Students will continue to receive a premier education from Starwood Schools — whether that instruction occurs on campus or remotely (if the school receives a mandated shut down)
  • The schools are ready to pivot to distance learning (for ages 2.5 to 15) quickly if needed
  • Starwood School is 100% committed to your student’s success

A Modified Learning Experience

  • Reduced class sizes and cohorts
  • Our large campuses allow classrooms to space out throughout each building
  • Class schedules are staggered in regards to recess, gym time, etc. to restrict areas to one class at a time
  • Expanded the pre-packaged meal options for Community Dining

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