Ages 3-6

Between the ages of 3-6, children are in an exciting period of growth and development in which they begin to learn concrete academic, social, and language skills. They develop their unique personalities and shape much of their focus towards learning during this critical stage. In Starwood Montessori School’s Primary Program, children can gain a sense of independence and harbor an eagerness to learn through the proven techniques based on the Montessori Method. During the Primary school years, students can establish a lifelong passion for learning and discover the benefits of a Montessori education.

Hands-On Learning

As children grow and gain confidence in the Montessori classroom, the teacher takes a step back as children begin to discover their love of learning. In the Primary Program, students are free to learn at their own pace, move around the room, work with physical materials designed for specific lessons, and collaborate with one another to learn new information. With the teacher’s guidance, students are encouraged to work independently and practice problem solving skills with tangible learning materials. This approach allows children to gain a concrete understanding of mathematic fundamentals, written language, and social skills while maintaining their independence.

At Starwood Montessori School, we provide a dynamic learning environment for all students with Montessori-certified instructors who are passionate about quality education. If you are considering a private education for your child, call us today at (972) 712-8080 and schedule a tour of our campus. You can also visit our Admissions page to learn more about the tuition and fees associated with our Primary Program.

Primary Locations

Starwood Montessori School
2/3/5 half and full days offered

Starwood Academy of Frisco
5 half and full days offered

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