Supplemental Activities

At Starwood Montessori School, we seek to enrich our children with curriculum that goes beyond standard coursework. By educating students in both creative and practical courses, our Montessori-certified teachers help children develop experiences that prepare them for life and encourage their natural curiosity. We believe that every child should explore many different areas of learning, so that they can enjoy a vibrant and well-rounded education. Here are some of the supplemental courses that we teach:

Fine Arts
By experimenting with painting, instruments, and dancing, our students are exposed to a wide range of art mediums. We hold weekly music classes so children can experiment with rhythm and sound. More »

To develop vocabulary and language, all Primary and Elementary students participate in Spanish once a week. During these sessions, we encourage students to cultivate positive attitudes for other languages and cultures while working on speaking, reading, writing, and listening to Spanish. More »

Since technology is an integral part of our daily lives, we teach our students to use a variety of technological tools. Our curriculum supports the hands-on learning experiences of the classroom and provides opportunities for innovative learning. More »

Nature Study
To foster an appreciation of nature, we hold classes that specifically study plant and animal care. This is especially important for children who are not in a rural environment. More »

Athletic Development
DX3 will provide our Upper Elementary and Middle School student’s athletic performance training on a weekly basis. DX3 instructors will start with educating our students on proper athletic techniques and then show them how to implement those techniques in their daily lives. More »

By holding these courses in addition to academic coursework, our staff aims to help students fulfill their full potential. Through our dynamic environment, we nurture a love of learning and respect for all aspects of life. To find out more about how your child can benefit from our extensive curriculum, contact our office today.

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